Home Decor and Dogs


 Home is a sanctuary and shelter, providing an escape route from the complexities and intrusions of the world. The concept of houses is as old as human civilization. Over the centuries, the man may have succeeded in transforming his humble dwellings into astonishing architectural marvels. But to convert a house into a home, one requires love, care and passion. Once we start to spend our days and nights in a place, it becomes the centre of our existence. From a building, it gets modified to a habitat that provides support to discover and reinvent oneself. To embrace the convolutions and complications life throws at us, we require a peaceful abode facilitating compromises and empowerment through self-affirmation. For all the above-visualised concepts to materialise, the beauty and elegance of the home play an indisputable role. For the expeditious flow of self-enrichment, it is vital that our homes must impress us all the time. Making your home welcoming and unique is not a herculean task if you know how to hit the right chords. Redecorating at specific intervals to suit your personal taste is an excellent path to break the monotonic atmosphere and bring in refreshing changes.



cute pug dog friend

 A dog is a man's best friend. As the great poet Mary Oliver once wrote " what would this world be like without dogs?" Ambulation, affection, attachment, companionship, devotion, enjoyment, goodwill, involvement, passion, stimulation, tenderness, understanding- if all these qualities can be summarised into a single being, the answer would definitely be a dog. Ever tried cuddling up next to your puppy to experience an increase in your body levels of serotonin and dopamine - two neurochemicals that plays a big role in promoting feelings of calm and well being. The unconditional love and camaraderie offered by these furry friends provide a feeling of belonging, acceptance and attachment. The life-changing power of pets and the prodigious social bond between a human and a canine, bestow virtuous sentiments on both. It may be interesting to note that dog owners were found to be more supportive parents and siblings and offer strong support to family members. Introduce a pup into your life and experience the culmination of your quests for being wanted and needed. These cheerful buddies light up the life and enliven those insipid moments with their never-ending energy. 




 Are you a canine lover? Do you pledge your allegiance to the dog lover's camp? If your answer is yes, we are absolutely certain of the fact that you will find immense joy in adorning your home with the decor pieces that remind you of your favourite pet. Decorgenics have unveiled an exclusive range of dog-themed decor ideas to make your hearts and homes a reminder of your unending affection for the lovely dogs. Revamping your home to get a refreshed look do not necessarily require you to stuff every nook and corner with decor pieces. The new rage of minimalistic beauty can be effortlessly achieved by positioning a single treasured item in your most favourite spot. The presence of these flamboyant sweethearts around you is sure to brighten up your days and lighten up the dullness. If the dog lover in you want to add poise and elegance to your abode, buckle up and start hunting for that coveted dog-themed decor that reminds you of your furry friends every time you lay eyes on them.




 An ardent dog lover cannot prevent himself from wanting all his belongings to reflect his love and care for those furry darlings. If you want to celebrate companionship with such canine loving people, what else could be the best gift but dog and puppy themed home decorating items? Distinguished home decor providers like Decorgenics has designed an elaborate collection of splendid treasures to share with your dear ones.  In your pursuit of cherished sweeties as gifts, let us modestly give you a few marvellous recommendations. The delightful Scandinavian Nordic decor is an absolute vogue that enables one to envision beauty most subtly.  The nordic decor ideas are characterized by simple straight lines and sharp cuts that provide eloquence without sacrificing utility. It is a fantastic concept to create decor pieces by fusing charm with convenience. It is highly recommended that your gifts may benefit the receiver by serving usefulness. Along with being a stunning home decor, they may also perform some simple tasks like being a pen holder, tray, key holder, piggy bank or even a toilet paper holder. The practicality of the dog-themed gift idea along with the tremendous effort and love you have put into it will definitely conquer the hearts of your dear ones and will earn you an eternal spot in their memories.



woof basket decorgenics resin luxury

 The notion of being courteous and refined to befit in the everchanging metropolitan way of life is a challenge in itself. The futile endeavour of proving self-worth and seeking acceptance in the city league may lead you to abandon personal preferences to suit the penchant of the majority. But let us not forget that one’s soul is the epicentre of one’s existence. The solution for this confusing crisis is the amalgamation of your choice with the social expectations. A zealous dog lover may select a decor reminding him of his favourite pet but in the most modernistic design that exudes class and dignity as expected by society. The Scandinavian Nordic design is an excellent choice that transforms miniature forms of doggos into luxurious art that keeps a lacklustre home shining. Be a little cautious to invest time, money and emotions to buy woofy decors from reliable service providers like Decorgenics to obtain marvellous desired decors that serve you a purpose in your homes. The contemporary features of the said products coupled with the utility enable you to be more “YOU”, complying with the quintessential social norms. Concisely speaking, CHOOSE YOUR WAY OF LIFE, STAND A CLASS APART BUT NEVER BE THE ODD ONE OUT.